Testimonials 2

Carolina Girode
After losing a significant amount of weight I was looking for a product that would help improve the elasticity to my neck area. I was surprised to see results fast with Albina's Derma fluid. Within days there was a noticeable difference. I am very happy with the product and glad I no longer have to keep looking for a better solution.
Diana Perri Baronessa
For as long as I can remember now I’ve suffered from problematic skin including dark circles underneath my eyes and skin discoloration/pigmentation. When I bumped into Albina last year in the streets of Tropea (Italy) and spoke to her about my skin issues, she recommended a skincare regime which included her facial cleanser, mineral exfoliator, under eye serum and dermal fluid. Over time I’ve noticed my skin looking clearer and brighter and feeling softer and smoother. Albina is so passionate about her products and is always willing to offer her advice and wisdom about all things health-related as well as her products. Thank you, Albina, for the time and energy you’ve invested in achieving my skin care goals. I only wish I was closer so I could also benefit from your skin care therapies.
I have been going to Albina for over 3 years. When I started with her services, my face and general health were at its worst. We started with my nutrition, she put in place: a fully nutritional meal plan. She told me my breakouts had a lot to do with my nutrition and wellness. After taking care of that, she started me on her Anti-acne facials and Albina products. Oh wow; what a transformation! Thanks, Albina for your patience and dedication and thank you for your care and products, the results are simply amazing.
Debbie Williams
I LOVE Albina’s Derma Fluid Anti-aging serum.  I use it in the mornings before putting on my make-up.  I have already seen dramatic results. Derma Fluid firms my skin making it look younger and healthier.  It’s an all-natural product which is like Botox in a bottle but without all the negative side effects.
I want to thank you for always providing me with excellent customer service. You are passionate about helping people with their skin and it is so evident that you love what you do.  You are so very educated and knowledgeable about all your products and I love that you only carry the best.
Janet Caglioti
Enjoying and loving Albina products
Carolina Pariselli
I have been using Albina’s products for a number of years!  The results are amazing! My skin has never looked better, less fine lines and the quality of my skin is more refined.  Her products are transformational. ❤
Teresa Grande
The Derma fluid is a great product, ottimo sicuramente.
Vanessa Cavalieri (Registered Message Therapist)
When using the whole Albina's skincare line, I noticed my skin had less dark & large pores, which made my face look more even and cleaner. The day cream is really rich and keeps my skin well hydrated thru out the day. My favorite is the Albina tea tree cream for any blemishes, works like an eraser. I love Albina products line so much, that I also recommended to my mother and friends.
Giovanna Wulf
I'm so impressed with Albina's products; I have been using now for 8 years and my skin looks more youthful than ever. Even my cousin Janet loves them, I live in Australia and Janet lives in California and we have no trouble receiving the orders. They are great I highly recommend them.
Dionne MCKay
Thanks, Albina for the great facial for me and my girls.Our skin is glowing, a wonderful experience, we are looking forward to our next visit.
Terrina, Palgrave ON
Albina and her line of skin care products have been life-changing for me. Having suffered from adult acne for over three years, I had tried just about everything to heal my skin and was beginning to lose hope that my skin would ever be clear again. That was until I met Albina. After consulting with Albina, I began a treatment plan consisting of a daily regiment of Albina’s skin care products and regular anti-acne facials. In addition, Albina gave me the personal support and hope I needed to begin my healing journey. The treatment plan was nothing less than transformational, and I am happy to say that today my skin is clear. I believe Albina’s products and her quality of care are unmet in the industry, and her sincere dedication to formulating exceptional, naturally derived products makes them truly sensational. Thank you so much, Albina!
My name is Tiziana and I am in my late thirties.  I have always wanted to be thinner just like I was prior to having kids but having 2 was very difficult.  I just had my son 7 months ago and really wanted to lose the baby weight. I was 220 lbs when I delivered him in November of 2008.  I was trying to lose weight on my own but it wasn’t working. I lost hope and thought this was unattainable.
This was my first personal trainer experience and I was nervous not knowing what to expect.   Albina welcomed me with delight and was eager to help me. She first wanted to know what my goal was and also taught me how to eat right in order to suit my goal.  After the first session, I thought despairingly that I wasn’t going to make it. She encouraged me and gave me the strength I thought I never had. As the weeks went by and I changed my eating habits and followed her eating plan, exercised with Albina and on my own, I started to see results.   I was hooked the first moment I met Albina and she wasted no time in testing my boundaries. She always pushed my body to its limits and gives me the inspiration to go further. For the hour workout, I feel great and have lots of energy. She also teaches me what body part, in particular, is impacted by each exercise.
I started with Albina in April and within 1 month and 22 days I lost 12 lbs and 13 inches off my body.  I couldn’t believe it, I jumped for joy. I was so excited that we did it. Most importantly my husband, family, and friends noticed a big change in my frame as well as my self-confidence.
Today I am feeling better than I ever have and have no one to thank but Albina.  She is an incredible trainer who is very motivating and very professional. I highly recommend Albina to anyone who thought or is thinking that it will never be achieved.  She is not only a personal trainer but we became friends..."
"I became a client of Always Beautiful in 1998 and I thank God for the day that I did! At that time due to work related issues, I was very unhappy and self-conscious of my appearance. At that time my skin was in such bad shape that I felt so much older than my own age.
Heather Ramjass
I original started attending Albina's studio for general aesthetic purposes. Being the dedicated Aesthetician that she is, Albina began educating me on simple do's and don’ts. She walked me through her product line, with specific emphasis on the fact that her products are all created from natural organic ingredients. Suffice to say I was impressed with the results after just 2 weeks, and continuing on using all her line of products. Recently She introduces me to “Derma Fluid Anti-Aging” I’m so glad she did it improved the appearance of my skin to such great lengths, that I am now asked for I'd when I go to the Beer Store, and my children's teachers think I’m their older sister. :-)
I have now been a loyal client of Always Beautiful for the last 8 years and I wish Albina continued success.
With great appreciation.
Kathy Park
"When I met Albina I was concerned about my skin and I had a lot of questions.
Albina helped me a lot, I been using her products for a while and I received many services and I can say without any doubt in my mind: it’s like my skin has now a new fresh life. Before my skin was dull, looked lifeless and my lines were quite pronounced. I’m using now her new product “Derma Fluid Anti-Aging” and now when I look at myself in the mirror I feel that this product has brought back a bigger smile on my face.
My skin is now looking smooth, revived and has a nice rosy healthy glow.
I absolutely recommended it to everyone."
Rose Baldino, Brampton, Ont.
"I’m very impressed with Albina’s products.
Immediately after I start to use “Derma Fluid Anti-Aging” and her Microdermabrasion product I noticed an improvement in my skin.
I finally have a beautiful glow and my skin feels very hydrated and soft like never before. I definitely recommend Albina’s products and treatments."
Rose Dupont from Caledon
I decided to invest in a positive regimen to regain a more healthful and smooth skin.  I found Albina’s website and booked my first appointment. From that very first visit, I have been extremely impressed by Albina’s skin care knowledge and the amazing results that I saw in the mirror.  Albina has also exhibited the care and service that is expected from a fine quality spa in downtown Toronto.
I am now using her full skincare line and will continue to do so.   I have used much fine quality and expensive products in the past, however, Albina’s skin care line has proven to show the best results on my skin.  Thank you Albina!
Stephanie Priolo from Nobelton
I have tried many skin care lines. I experienced acne and dryness in certain areas of my face. It was like a roller coaster, some days my skin looked clear and other days it was horrible. I spoke to Albina and she recommends a certain skin care program that will focus specifically on the problem areas of my face. After I started an effective skin regime at home and received certain treatments in the studio: Deep pore cleansing facials with Glycolic treatments and her new “Ginger Peel”, I finally got my skin clear and beautiful. I'm also using her “Derma Fluid Anti-Aging” and I can say with any doubt that my face look silkier, smoother and younger looking.
Thank you
Cayetano Carrera
"I have never written any testimonial before. I have experienced the MOST impressive results after experiencing Albina’s products and her guidance. This testimonial serves as a way of thanking her. I decided to receive a personalized skin care regimen by Albina, using her products. Albina's Cleanser and Invigorating Toner are the most effective products that I have used to cleanse my skin. Both Albina's Masque mixed with Tea Tree Blemish Cream is excellent. The Firming Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream is a superb moisturizer. It does what it claims. It really firms your skin. Lastly, one of my favorite products is Albina's Anti-Acne Treatment. I wish I had found this product when I was younger. This is the first acne treatment that does not leave my skin red, irritated and flaky. I do not get those big bumps anymore. If I break out, I dab the Anti-Acne Treatment to the affected area twice a day. I notice a big improvement after 48 hours and most times, the acne actually just disappears!"
Lisa Santulli
"Hello just want to say that I’ve been using Albina Skin Care for at least two years and I’m very satisfied with the results. My Skin has never been very problematic but at did not realize how could improve so much after two years of application. At 44 years old I was starting to get the concern about the appearance of few wrinkles and lack of elasticity and now at 46 nobody guesses my age, people think I’m much younger than when I was 44.
Recently I start to use “Derma Fluid Anti-Aging” Albina’s new product and I’m impressed on the way tights and tones my skin, I will say that my skin has never been this smooth. Thanks."
Anita Shelpidi
Hello my name is Anita and I been having issues about my skin for many years, I had very pronounced bumps on my skin and various pimples; also my skin looked discolored and had dark spots on my face.
I was very frustrated trying so many products and nothing was working. I met Albina a month ago and about 3 weeks ago she looked at my skin and suggested her new Skin Brightening Luminizer cream and as I started to use it daily, I noticed the gradual difference. I really started to feel that finally, something was working on my skin and after about a week and half of using it, she decided I should also add the Instant Beauty Masque and Tea Tree Blemish cream at night, mix the two products together and placed the mixture at night right on my spot, as well as using the microdermabrasion twice per week. Now I can’t believe how good my skin looks, I’m very impressed and thankful for Albina line. The skin creams are great products, I will definitely keep using them and order them to maintain my skin looking even and brighter.
Thank you,
Carolina Pariselli, Richmond Hill
I started using Albina skin care products for a number of years, and my skin has transformed!!!  Everyone has noticed the difference, my skin is tighter and much more youthful looking!!!!!
I love Albina products!!!!
Franca Rigitano
Dear Albina,
I have known you for a very long time and I remember about 20 years ago when I met you, you were struggling with your skin, you just got married and moved to Canada from Italy. I assume all the stress of the changes in your life provoked your intense cystic acne. I remember you had bad skin, with acne and blackheads. You used tell me how many creams you kept trying and dermatologist you visited but nothing was working. Then, after a while, I noticed slowly your skin kept improving and I started wondering what is that you are using or doing that is improving your skin. But once I saw a dramatic change in your skin I asked and you told me that you took the matter into your own hands and after intense researches, you made your own acne products with active ingredients from Europe.  I saw how proud and happy you were to show me your products and the change in your skin.
I still today look at your skin and I’m so impressed with how good you look.
Mostly I’m so glad that you have created a full line of skin care products, which I been personally using it for a while. My skin looks vibrant, healthy and younger, it’s great. I have people thinking I’m only thirty when I’m now 43 years old. I can only say thank you and I would like to let you know that I will keep using Albina products line and follow my regime diligently.
Thank you so much Albina.
Gianna L from mississauga, Ontario
“My teenage daughter was delighted when her “zits” disappeared shortly after using Albina’s products.”
Grace Graci-Papayanakis
"I am writing to thank you for the incredible facial yesterday. It was the Best I have ever had! I loved all parts of it, especially when you put on that special eye mask and left me to rest with it on for 20 mins. It was so relaxing. My skin feels brand new! I am glad I got the next two facials already and will call you to book one very soon. Take care and all the best."
Ines Riga
A lovely spring day…
"It looked like any other skin care line, but it offered something for puffy eyes. “Yeah, like it’s gonna work,” I thought skeptically, “but what the heck. Let’s give it a try.”
There I was at the Bramalea City Centre on a fine spring day, enjoying my day off, browsing, taking in various products vendors had set up. The ‘puffy eyes’ product had caught my eye, and I decided to purchase it. Little did I know that this chance encounter with Albina’s skincare line would revolutionize not only my own care but also that of my grown daughters. This happened because as I was purchasing the anti-puffiness eye gel, I was told that gift certificates for Albina’s many services were also available. The prices were reasonable, and Albina’s home (from which she runs her spa), was coincidentally just blocks from my home. Not being able to think of a reason not to do it, I purchased a gift certificate for a facial.
When a few weeks later I kept my appointment, I was welcomed into Albina’s home by one of her assistants on her first day on the job. What I expected was a pleasant facial – what I got was much more than that. Not only was the young lady’s manner lovely and professional, her expertise was impressive. While not pushing the products she was using for the facial, she answered all my questions thoughtfully and was able to advise which products I should use and how to apply them.
During the facial, I was quite impressed with what appeared to be the lack of harshness and very ‘velvety feel’ of all the products, but what totally amazed me was the effect they had on my skin. My skin has never been very problematic, other than being sensitive and dry in spots, but being in my fifties, I didn’t think it could be improved much. After all, in the past I had had facials and had tried various products – both expensive and inexpensive – but, as far as I was concerned, none of them were impressive.
That day I purchased some skin care products – cleanser, toner, day cream – and have never again used as much as a drop from another skincare line. Not only did the products lack any harshness, but they left my ‘old’ skin velvety smooth. Being totally sold on the products, I went back for more facials and more products. On my third visit, I finally was treated to a facial by Albina herself and that turned out to be another small miracle. Of course, her products were amazing, she is a very healing, giving and knowledgeable individual. With each visit, I learned a little bit more about this impressive young woman, and about her wonderful skincare line. And my skin kept on improving…
It was almost too good to be true – all of Albina’s claims proved to be true and then some. Being totally impressed, something I very seldom am, I proceeded to get rid of all the other skin care products I have ever used and began using the entire line – eye serum, night cream, scrub, masque, and blemish cream. I regularly brag about Albina’s line to anyone who would listen.
I also became very excited to have my twenty-something daughters experience Albina’s facials and start using her products. They, living out of town, were not able to do it until the summer, but when they finally did, they also became total and complete converts. My older daughter has at times had some skin problems especially during winter and/or stressful times. During the first year using Albina’s line, she has continually marveled at how well her skin was doing and was especially impressed with its condition and appearance during the harsh winter season. My younger daughter has always had flawless skin, but she was also totally impressed with the products. Neither has touched another skin care line since. When they call, they often drop hints that they are low on products and would appreciate care packages. Nothing thrills me more than to know that this wonderful line is being enjoyed and appreciated by the three of us.
I still feel blessed that on that lovely spring day I just happened to be at the Bramalea City Centre, and that I discovered Albina’s amazing line. Not only did I get introduced to products that have no equal, but I feel as if I’ve made a wonderful friend. Thank you Albina for sharing your talents with us all!"
Linda Pavone, Brampton (School Teacher)
People tell me: "I LOOK VERY YOUNG FOR MY AGE."
"I simply attribute this comment to this incredible Skin Care line that I’ve been using for Years. ALBINA’S PRODUCTS ARE FANTASTIC. Thank you."
Liz Davis
Hi Albina: Your Luminizer cream is amazing. I have been using it now for about three weeks and my skin has a glow that hasn't been there in years. Also, the brown spots from old acne that I thought I would have forever are starting to fade.
Best regards,
Maryella’s Aesthetics, Loredana Hair Salon, and Spa, Brampton
This is just a note to thank you for your help, your training, and your support. I've been using and promoting: Albina Skin Care line in my Aesthetics studio for over two years and I was able to enjoy the sales growth and the appreciation of my clientele for their skin improvement.
Even in the hair salon, The salon hairstylist is using your line and they love it. The owner of the "Loredana hair salon and Spa" has just started to use the Anti-Wrinkle Day treatment and she was also impressed with the look of her skin, feeling silky and moist.
The Ginger Peel has also been a success, my clientele keeps asking questions and their interest in trying the treatment is growing. Dear Albina I'm looking forward to having with you another "Skincare Training seminar" with my regular clientele and their friends.
P.s. Please let me know when your line for the "Body Treatment" will be ready.
Looking forward to continue business with you.
Paulina M from Brampton, Ontario
“I’m almost 48 and finally I can go out without wearing makeup. I’m completely sold out on the Albina skin care line.”
Rossana Gorys - Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
Albina was the make-up artist for my sister's wedding approximately 16 years ago.  She did an amazing job applying our make-up so that it looked very natural. I noticed that Albina's complexion was, I hate to say, awful!  After several years later, I began caring more about my own complexion as most women who are approaching middle age do. I happen to hear that Albina had expanded her business and thought I would give her a try.  I hadn't seen her for many years and was amazed when I saw her again to see that her complexion had gone from bad to great! I couldn't believe the change and transformation. I have to agree, that at first, I thought she just used a lot of make-up to hide the imperfections, but later realized that it was real.  So basically I said, "I want you to use on my skin what you use on yours.". I have been going to Albina for just over a year for facials and have been using her products religiously. I have never been as happy with my skin and complexion as I am now. It has helped with my self-confidence too. Actually, a couple of people at work commented on my skin and how it glowed just after using the products after a couple of months.
Rossana Gorys
Operations Manager
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
"Thank you for such a lovely afternoon... I had such a relaxing time at my Reflexology session; I was afraid to fall asleep in case I snored!! It was just lovely, Albina... I felt like there was a little Angel at the corner of the bed massaging my feet with her gentle, soft hands. You are very special... Thank you so much."