Always Beautiful Spa

Always Beautiful Spa

Enjoy our Always Beautiful Spa services:

We take great pride in offering the utmost personalized service, a relaxing environment, and superior products . We are the skin care specialist for over 15 years, Albina is committed to recognized each individual's own special skin and body care needs and recommending the most beneficial treatments. Clients are inspired to escape the pressure of modern life in a comfortable environment of soothing music, skills touch and the scent of essential oils.

A variety of services from refreshing facial, rejuvenating body treatments, nutrition, detox and reflexology are offered to promote health, skin care balance and healing .I personally invite you to soothe your body, mind and spirit. Remember if you  don't have time to go on a whole spa vacation sometime  a  half day spa can give you what you need to recharge and continue your life journey  in a more relax and fulfill way.

Always Beautiful Spa captures the essence of an Italian warm destination spa.

  • Sweet scent of precious aromatherapy essential oils.
  • Surrounded by an almost ethereal sound……as if angels had descended from heaven.
  • An atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.
  • Here, you are the most important and special person.

Always Beautiful Spa features :

  • A calm surrounding facial room where many of the latest skin treatments are performed, giving you a reassuring and comfortable feeling.
  • A soothing massage and body treatment room, providing a  relaxed atmosphere where your senses will flourish.
  • A private consultation office where your needs and concern can be discussed.
  • Soft light and essential décor is in all the Always Beautiful rooms.
  • A relaxing waiting areas where you can listen to soothing music & read.