Relaxing Facial Services

Skin rejuvenation and skin treatments

Our Skin Therapy is enhanced with the use of our natural Albina Skin Care Collection to cleanse, nourish and eliminate impurity. Albina Natural Skin Products will rejuvenate your skin cell, increase elasticity and help you to regain total radiance.


  • Glycolic Acid Facials ( Temporarily not available)
  • Ginger Peel  Facial "A Peel Without The Chemicals"(Temporarily Not available)
  • Anti-Aging Eye Treatments (available)


Our NEW facials are designed to be relaxing and effective but also VERY SAFE and comfortable. We are completely focus to create a complete session to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage, acne, scarring, pore size and hyper pigmentations of your face. Our treatments is intensified with our Ultra LED Light Therapy Machine plus with Tesla current high frequency.

Duration: Service: Price:
60 minutes Full European Cleansing Facial $65.00
60 minutes Aromatherapy Cleansing Facial $65.00
60 minutes Anti-Aging Facial $65.00
60 minutes Anti-Acne Facial $65.00
60 minutes Problem Skin for the Back  $70.00

GLYCOLIC ACID FACIALS ( Temporary not available)

Glycolic acid is a natural ingredient derived from sugarcane. It’s an exceptional  acid for the skin and due to its small molecular weight, penetration is better and deeper than any other AHA . It will prompt fibroblast to generate collagen and elastin.  Glycolic acid encourages the shedding of old, sun-damaged surface skin and loosens the glue-like substances that hold the surface skin cells. Therefore allowing the dead skin to peel off. The skin underneath has a fresher, healthier look with even color and texture. Albina’s non-neutralized low ph Glycolic acid will help diminish wrinkles, crow’s feet, discoloration and also hair bumps among men. It will help normalize oily and trouble skin.  Studies have shown that after 6 treatments significant results can be achieved.

Duration: Service: Price:
60 minutes Glycolic Acid Application with Full Facial $75.00
30 minutes Glycolic Treatment for Face without facial $60.00
60 minutes Glycolic Treatment for Back or Chest $75.00
  • A set of 3 Full Facial $180.00 a saving of $15.00
  • A set of 3 Glycolic Peel with Facial $210.00 a saving of $15.00
  • A set of 3 Glycolic Peel without Facial $165.00 a saving of $15.00


  (Recommended in the winter)

Ginger Peel diminishes the appearance of fine lines and encourages cell renewal. It’s a peel that Improves oxygen supply and stimulates collagen production.  It’s a superior treatment that minimizes enlarged pores, encourages healing of acne and reduces the appearance of dark spot. It’s 100% made of natural ingredients.

Duration: Service: Price:
60 minutes Ginger Peel Facial (Regular Price $120.00) $70.00


It’s designed for the treatment of over-worked, tired and puffy eyes. It includes a lymph massage which relieves sinus congestion. Collagen eye pads and an intensive serum are also applied. It’s a treatment that hydrates, moisturize and help to firms the eye contour.

Duration: Service: Price:
30 minutes Anti-Aging Eye Contour Treatment and Sinus (without facial) $35.00
30 minutes Anti-Aging Eye Contour Treatment and Sinus (Added to a Facial) $25.00

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