About Albina

It was in Italy where Albina first decided to embark on a career within the professional beauty industry.

After fifteen years in the field, she has launched her own skin care line. Her quest to develop her own line of skin care products didn’t happen by accident. 
It became her passion, out of necessity.

For years, she had dealt with severe acne and discoloration of her skin. She had tried every conventional form of skin treatment on the market, without success.

When her self-confidence began to be affected because of her skin disorder, she realized it was time to take matters into her own hands. This situation left her no choice, but to begin developing a new line of product to alleviate her skin condition and at the same time, help others with similar types of skin disorders.

Following intensive research she finally commissioned a well-respected chemist. Together they developed an amazing breakthrough in skin care technology.

With the chemist’s extensive knowledge, combined with Albina’s years of training in the field, all the latest, most effective ingredients were assembled to create an incredible line of skin care products.

Rigorous chemical, physical and bacteriological test were conducted in the chemist’s modern, equipped laboratories to ensure her products are safe to use, and generate the desired results.

Her line, simply called “Albina” has proven to be very successful. She has been able to offer solutions to many suffering from various types of skin disorders. She has received many positive testimonials from satisfied clients, attesting to the effectiveness of her skin care product line.

Albina is also very committed to offering preventative measures. She has developed many products that ensure that the skin continues to look radiant, young and fresh, and help to erase visible signs of aging.