Relaxing Body & Head Massage Therapy


Aromatherapy massage is the experience of both worlds: “massage and scent”.

The application to the body of pure essential oils, promotes physical and spiritual well being. 
Regular treatments of massage therapy provide additional health benefits, such as improved digestion and circulation. Aromatherapy massage will help improve blood pressure and relieve stress from muscles tension.

60 Minutes Aromatherapy relaxing body massage $95.00
30 Minute Aromatherapy back, shoulder and head massage



90 Minutes Aromatherapy relaxing body massage $110.00
50 minutes Ayurvedic Head Massage & Hair/Scalp Treatment $ 85.00


Hot Stone massage it’s a deep relaxation journey, We integrate smooth, heated volcanic stones combined  with Aromatherapy oils to create a deep level of balance and harmony.

60 minute Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage $105.00


Acupressure is a Japanese Technique that uses finger pressure to stimulate energy pathways or meridians.  Revitalizing the natural energy flow or Chi.

It brings balance, reduces mental tension, and alleviates migraines, insomnia and depression.

35 minutes Acupressure massage for face, back and shoulder $55.00


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